In-company courses

Education concept and focus of the course

The first step is to identify your goals and expectations. These are then used as the basis for a language training plan.

  • We have focused on corporate language training for 20 years
  • We share our experience
  • We consult our customers about our teaching system
  • We recommend the most effective system of education based on individual needs

Based on the goals of the company, we establish:

  • rules for lessons
  • course parameters
  • the method for monitoring effectiveness and satisfaction
  • the form of administrative support

Course focus

We respect the specifications of your company’s HR Department and management, and we analyse the needs of each student on an individual basis:

Language audit
Parameters of lessons
Teacher selection
Start of the course

Language audit

language test and personal interview with every student

Parameters of lessons

according to the needs of HR, student and manager

Teacher selection

according to course goal, level and other preferences

Start of the course

teacher assignment, syllabus preparation, textbook choice

Quality control and satisfaction

We monitor our students’ satisfaction with the course, check the quality of the teaching and work on the development of our teachers. We report the results to you and provide feedback to teachers during their evaluation meetings.

  • Verification of satisfaction after three lessons by phone or email
  • Electronic satisfaction surveys twice a year
  • More than 345 classroom methodology inspections per year
  • Personal lesson analysis, feedback and work with the development plan for the teacher

Effectiveness of training

We evaluate the progress of our students with our unique method:

SCOPE (System of Complex and Objective Progress Evaluation)

  • Language progress = the key to motivation
  • We carry out regular tests and provide reports on our students’ progress
  • Knowledge is evaluated using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • We monitor the evaluation results in Schoolpartner 

Entry testing

Semester testing

Progress testing

Further studies

Entry level

Study following the competence model

Target level

Online lessons

Current technologies guarantee high-quality lessons online. Both our language school and our teachers are well-versed in lessons in a virtual environment. We offer this form of learning by default and classes can be easily arranged. Online courses are led akin to face-to-face lessons and represent a full-fledged alternative.

What does an online lesson look like?

The teacher sends you a link to the chosen video conferencing platform – you do not have to trouble yourself with anything - only have a device equipped with a microphone/camera connected to the internet at the ready. We are open to using other platforms and can accommodate the services you use. We have the most experience with Google Hangouts, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Apart from leading the lesson, the teacher uses:

  • A presentation which keeps the structure of the lesson
  • Chat as a board alternative
  • Screen sharing for materials, video or pictures
  • Mobile phone apps – e.g. Quizlet for vocabulary and phrases

Advantages of online courses

  • Business communication in a foreign language happens most frequently via a videoconference. Therefore, online lessons imitate the most common situation.
  • No need for a specific place or a conference room
  • The teacher can offer alternative dates/times more easily
  • Make-up lessons
  • Can be combined with face-to-face lessons

Thorough and flawless administration

Comprehensive information system


We developed this system directly for the needs of corporate language training in order to ensure that it is clear, simple and intuitive and that it contains all the necessary output.

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