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  • We offer you first-class e-learning with www.onlinelanguages.cz
  • Tool for practising language skills and knowledge.
  • 6 world languages, general and professional courses.
  • If you need e-learning with specific content (focused on a particular area), we will be happy to prepare it for you.
  • 1 year of teaching = more than 100 hours of instruction and practice, and over 1 200 new words and phrases.
  • E-learning is an interactive option for self study, but we recommend it as a complementary tool in addition to conventional study with a teacher and not as a separate product.

Independent audit, recruitment testing

  • We offer our clients independent employee or candidate testing in the recruitment process.
  • A standard part of the testing involves a language test and a personal interview in the given language in order to comprehensively test both active and passive language skills.
  • The results according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are supplemented with a written commentary and recommendations for future studies.
  • Fast, economical and flexible solutions.

International exams

  • We are certified to prepare students for the University of Cambridge ESOL exams.
  • We offer preparation courses for exams which prepare you for your chosen test, and the lessons include practice (mock) tests.
  • We arrange all the registration paperwork for most international tests for our students.

95% student success rate in 2017

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Jitka Šnajdrová


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