Language stays abroad

Overcoming barriers

The key motivator in any activity is knowing “that it was worth it” and that the knowledge gained can be used in practice. A language stay abroad gives you very strong evidence of that.

Support for your motivation

If you decide to study abroad, the decision itself will increase your motivation to study. The course will encourage your enthusiasm even more!

Maximum concentration

No meetings, no colleagues, reports, superiors or clients, a minimum of phone calls and e-mails. Everyone there is trying to do one thing - teach you a foreign language.

Great benefit

A language course abroad is a great combination of work and fun. Use it as a motivational tool for your best employees.

Rapid progress

Your learning is truly intensive. The courses typically have 5 or more hours of teaching per day and all additional communication is also in the target language.

Guarantee of school quality

The schools we cooperate with know how to prepare courses for managers and provide great teachers who not only have an excellent knowledge of the language, but often also have specialised knowledge as well. Key features for us are: membership of professional associations, references, feedback from our students, long-term cooperation, a personal visit and knowledge of the school’s personnel.

Needs analysis

Offers + prices

Course selection

Information package

Departure and course


Determining your expectations and requirements

Information about the location, school and course

3-4 weeks before departure - ordering and payment

1-2 weeks before departure - details of the trip

Start of course, feedback, teaching, accompanying program, end of the course

Detailed feedback aFter your return home

How are the courses organised?

Language and location


Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Malta, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Cyprus and Barbados


Argentina, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela


France, Canada, Switzerland and Guadeloupe


Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian, Greek, Dutch and Portuguese

Target group

  • Managers
  • Adults
  • Young people
  • Children

Course type

  • Individual
  • Small group course (2–6 students)
  • Group course
  • Combined course (group teaching in the morning sessions, individual lessons in the afternoon)

Teaching focus

  • General or business language
  • Specific requirements (finance, HR, law, technology, IT etc.)

Intensity of teaching

  • 20–40 hours/week


  • Plane, train or bus, taxi or other connecting service from the airport


  • With a family, in a hotel or apartment


  • Travel insurance and cancellation insurance


  • We will assist you with any paperwork for countries where a visa is required

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