Revolutionary System of Effective Substitution

The market of language training has been the same for many years. The events of the past year have also strongly affected the field of private language education however. We could have waited for everything to return to normal but we decided not to do so. That is why we have created an original solution – our D∙R∙E∙A∙M – a system of effective substitution. 

Each lesson that is skipped negatively affects students’ results. The System of Effective Substitution introduces a fully-automated procedure which actively encourages students to choose a replacement lesson and thus naturally increases their motivation. 

Students choose the form of the replacement lesson based on their individual needs. Hence, they can focus on topics and skills that they will really use in their professional lives. Thanks to our personalized solution, employers and students will soon notice increased success in real situations.

What does D∙R∙E∙A∙M bring you?





The enjoyment of lessons and progress in studies gained since students will not miss a lesson, will also influence students to devote further more time and space to their language skills than before.

Funds invested without any additional teaching costs. Higher attendance with specialized topics ensures practice at a high level.

Prompt and smooth communication of the lesson cancellation and the alternative dates between the student(s) and teacher. The system automatically intervenes and makes the process as smooth as possible, wherever communication might falter.

The establishment of the substitution system ensures the continuation of study. Thanks to a proactive means of communication, the student is encouraged to further develop their skills.

How does D∙R∙E∙A∙M work?

The substitution process begins immediately when a student or a teacher cancels a lesson in advance. The teacher offers the students 1-3 replacement dates. Should none of the offered dates suit the student(s), the student(s) receive a notification with a link to a wide selection of alternative forms of lessons in the Language Catalogue.

Choice from the Language Catalogue

Access to the Language Catalogue grants the choice of a selection of non-traditional forms of lessons. Students can find other methods to enrich their knowledge through new means of study. Thanks to this, students have the opportunity to meet new students and teachers, and in many cases thus gain the chance to leave their comfort zones, which often hinder further progress.

The Language Catalogue is fully tailored towards the individual interests and needs of every student. The lessons and topics are methodologically designed so that the content of the course can be easily and immediately applied in practice.

Skills can be improved in the three most popular languages:

  • English,
  • German
  • and Czech.

Language Catalogue Products


This commonly requested lesson format naturally puts the students in a real, authentic situation that they can encounter in their professional life. The newly acquired skills can be immediately applied in practice.


  • Target of the lesson set according to student needs
  • Lesson with the current teacher
  • 2× 15 minutes + feedback from the teacher
  • Only for students in individual lessons

Topic-based or Skill-based Lessons

During a topic-based lesson, the students practice general language, gaining new vocabulary and phrases needed to master a certain topic. Great emphasis is placed on the relevance and appeal of the topics, including for example Fake News, Brexit and many more. 

The subject of a skill-based lesson is the use of a foreign language in practice. Students have the opportunity to prepare themselves for situations that they find themselves in at work. Some of the most sought-after areas include Negotiation Skills, E-mails or HR English. 


  • 90 minute online lesson
  • A group of max. 6 students
  • Courses for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1+ 
  • For students in individual and group courses

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