General and Personal Finance

B1 and above

Course information

The course is designed for anyone interested in effective and sustainable personal banking.

  • You will be more confident using financial terminology in English.
  • You will be able to evaluate and recommend a suitable personal banking solution.
  • You will practice interpreting and presenting financial analyses and graphs.

Course content

  • Economics
  • Income
  • Personal finance and living standards
  • Basic financial terms
  • Describing graphs and numbers


All prices are per person, do not include VAT, and are valid when one client registers the set number of students for any course.

3 499 CZK
1 – 5  registered students
2 499 CZK
6 – 15 registered students
1 499 CZK
16 + registered students


Location - Brno:

Dům Jakub
Jakubské nám. 127/5
602 00 Brno

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