A2 - B1

Course information

The course is designed for those who are interested in improving their English and in better understanding mistakes Czechs make most often and how to avoid them.

  • Identify the basic categories of typical “Czech” mistakes.
  • Find out the reasons which lead to mistakes and be able to work on eliminating them.
  • Be able to discuss anything with the teacher that gives you trouble in English.
  • Actively practise English in pair and group work activities.

Course content

  • Brief review of grammar
  • Prepositions and articles
  • Conditional sentences
  • False friends and idiomatic phrases
  • Pronunciation


All prices are per person, do not include VAT, and are valid when one client registers the set number of students for any course.

3 499 Kč2 499 Kč1 499 Kč
1 – 5 registered students6 – 15 registered students16+ registered students

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