Organization team

Šimon Steffal

Event manager

Gabriela Plattner

Social media

Veronika Vencovská

Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer

Mgr. Simon Steffal B.A. is an experienced freelancing mentor and trainer of soft skills; he has been working in the field since 2003. He received
a bachelor's degree from the Empire State College, majoring in psychology and he completed a master's degree at Anglo-American University, majoring in Diplomacy and International Relations. Ever since his studies he has focused on the intersection of psychology and education - foreign language acquisition processes, motivation, interpersonal perception and, most importantly, mentoring and teachers’ professional development. For James Cook Languages, he creates and delivers language seminars and internal methodology trainings. 

Gabriela has been a teacher and a language coach for over 10 years. She says one of the cornerstones of her teaching methodology is her experience gathered in the online marketing and IT development industry. She is now preparing for coaching certification and spends most of her preparation time on digging into the topic of the psychology of joy.

Veronika works as Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer in one of the Czech Republic’s biggest language schools, James Cook Languages. She started there as a librarian in 2013 and because she has always been interested in marketing, she started learning how to work with graphics software. This gave her the opportunity to become an internal graphic designer in the company. Soon after that she joined the marketing team as Marketing Specialist and learned much more. In March 2019 she was given the opportunity and responsibility of becoming Marketing Manager.

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