I’m a new English teacher at JCL and English has always been my passion, but there are two other passions of mine that I have nurtured for as long as I can remember — film and theatre.

Luckily enough, on many occasions in my life I have managed to combine my language skills with my artistic aspirations. And so it happened that I acted in the first English-speaking theatre company in Slovakia called Bridgin’ Drama, acted in numerous independent short films produced by Kino (an international platform for independent filmmakers), and last but not least, attended a drama school in New York City.

It soon became clear, though, that what I enjoy doing most is creating my own projects — and so I have written and directed several short films myself and plan on making many more of them in the future. Stay tuned!

That being said, the last couple of years have also seen me writing “more practical stuff” (this is what writers do when they don’t want to be hungry), as I’ve been working as a freelance writer for various small to medium-sized businesses which are in constant need of original and inspiring articles to promote their brands.

One noteworthy example of an article that got published would be “To coffee or not to coffee — that is the question” for Inspiring Interns, a graduate recruitment agency based in London. Due to its popularity, this article got to be translated into 6 other languages, so yeah, whether you’re a German, French, or Spanish teacher, feel free to incorporate the article into your lesson plan.

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