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Benjamin Ryšavý


Being an in-company teacher for various companies around Prague has been just great. I don't have to sit in one place 8 hours, 5 days a week; I get to travel to numerous beautiful parts of the city; I can largely be the master of my own time; I don't have to do what somebody else thinks is right, but rather what I believe is right for my students (of course, after discussion with them). Throughout the years (I've been with JCL since 2014), I've been extremely lucky to meet plenty of fantastic students, who have made my job a real delight. Last but not least, having a chance to peek into how various businesses, teams and individuals work has been really interesting, and being able to help them work better by developing their language skills has been highly satisfying for me.

Tanner Le Tourneau

Senior teacher

There are several best things about JCL. For me, it's the ability to branch out, get involved, and develop as a teacher. If you put in some time, express interest, and do great work, there's no reason you can't get involved in a new way. From Key Teachers and Methodologists to Log Book team and community events, there are several areas to grow into and mold your own work. To build on that, another great aspect of JCL is the people. The people working at JCL are willing to go above and beyond in helping you with whatever you need, be it sourcebook selection, course advice, or otherwise!

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Dušan Laščiak

Dušan Laščiak

HR Generalist