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Anna Wágnerová

Senior Teacher

I ​​have been working for James Cook Languages since 2006 and I can say that it was a good choice, I have always been very happy with my relationship with the company. I was especially impressed with the facilities for teachers from the very beginning - I felt like Alice in Wonderland in the Resource Centre. I always left the workshops charged with new ideas. But at the same time, I greatly appreciate the positive and professional approach of the entire team, which has always given me support whenever I have needed help. And not only that - I have also had many opportunities for personal development, whether it involved testing new students, teaching intensive courses, helping with the preparation of teaching materials or participation in other projects. Now as a Senior Teacher, I hope that I can continue the tradition and provide similar positive support for other teachers.

Maria Glitzner


I have been working as a German teacher for James Cook Languages since autumn 2011. From the very beginning what I liked about this language school was the relaxed work atmosphere in the offices. The people who work here are very friendly. I was always welcomed when I had questions to ask and felt integrated and accepted. I also appreciate the professional approach, for example the organisation of courses or the regular seminars for teachers. As a result of working for a cultural centre in Prague as well, I am able to choose the number of courses according to my time possibilities, which gives me a lot of flexibility. At JCL I have always found support in this context. Working for the language school has made me aware of the advantages of teaching adults (I am a trained teacher for secondary schools); I must say that they are a very grateful audience.

Tom Jowett

Senior Teacher

More than three years of work for JCL gave me a fantastic opportunity to develop professionally. After my three initial observations (which helped me significantly and gave me excellent preparation) I had many opportunities to teach more advanced and specialised courses such as, for example, intensive courses and open courses and I was also able to develop professionally as a teacher. This opportunity gave me much more than if I had only devoted myself to teaching and nothing else. I have the option of participating at workshops and development courses which help me to face different challenges ranging from teaching aviation English through to presentation skills.

Jana Smichovičová


I joined James Cook Languages in 2007, because it had impressed me the most of all the language schools from the very beginning and I have to say that it did not disappoint. On the contrary, it has exceeded my expectations in many ways over the years. I have always only encountered very friendly and open people, whose permanent professionalism and human approach to each individual I consider to be invaluable. Any matter is always resolved quickly and effectively. As a teacher, I greatly appreciate the option of continually educating myself within the framework of our workshops and the chance to further develop professionally and to cooperate on other projects within the team. 

Carly Davidson


I joined JCL after university and the completion of a teachers’ course in Great Britain. I knew that I would need to acquire new experiences. I registered as a teacher at JCL and sent my sample lesson plan and curriculum vitae and completed a Skype interview. I was successful and I was invited to a second interview in Prague, where I presented my sample lesson. Luckily, it was not a wasted trip to Prague. I started by teaching regular courses, but thanks to the development plan I soon moved on to teaching open courses, intensive courses and VIP clients. I regularly help with the preparation of these courses and I look forward to the further development of my career and skills.

Eva Flachowky


The thing I like about JCL is that it is a “learning organisation”. As a company, it does not only try to survive in the contemporary market, but to get out in front. It therefore requires the highest possible quality not just from the those who work closest with the company, but also from all those who teach at JCL, even if only for a few hours a week. It devotes resources to them in terms of methodology and it develops them and tries to achieve satisfaction on all sides: both from the side of the customer and from the side of the school and last, but not least the individual teachers themselves.

Mark Sandecki


In November 2005, when I completed my TEFL course, I saw a presentation by a JCL teacher and it really caught my attention. I am proud of the fact that since that time I have been able to teach business or general English to employees from a wide variety of companies and even to represent our company via various intensive courses, presentations and conferences. James Cook Languages offers much more than just teaching lessons. Constant development, lasting friendship and a personal approach are just some of the advantages which you can expect when working here. 

Tatiana Blahetová


I have worked at James Cook Languages for more than eight years. I joined JCL during my first year in the Faculty of Education at Charles University and became familiar with corporate training from a practical perspective. With hindsight, it is fair to say that the company gave me far more experience with teaching English and Russian than my university studies. Thanks to JCL, I have also learned a professional approach to work, and in addition to teaching students, I can now also train teachers. I love my work, and I am confident I made the right decision at the beginning of my career.

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