Honeywell: new JCL student


Based on your nomination for your company language training, please fill out the registration form. The form serves to identify the necessary information to be able to prepare the language course. 

To proceed your registration it is also mandatory to take the online placement test:




For any questions about the language courses please contact the Course Manager:

Michaela Brožová


phone number: +420 775 688 031

All language courses take place online.

Course specification:

  • Job Need
    • active usage of the particular foreign language in every-day work performance (every-day contact with customers and suppliers, contact with a regional team, etc.) and does not have/has not attained the required language level.
    • Language education necessary for execution of work is fully financed by the Employer.
    • Employee needs to attend 70% of to course, otherwise will be excluded


  • Supplementary/Complementary
    •  This language is not necessary to perform work.
    • Employees can be for this type of language education nominated by their direct superior.
    • Participation in more than one language course within the supplementary language education is not allowed.
    • This type of language education is financed in the form of cost sharing between the Employee and the Employer – where Employee will participate 50% from the price from course.
    • Employee can not participate if he/she didn’t sign Agreement for deduction before start of the course.
    • Employee needs to attend 70% of to course, otherwise will be excluded
Please mark the time slots in which you CANNOT attend the lessons:

Rules of providing language training

Rules for providing language trainings.pdf