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Language class registration

Dear RWS employee,


To enroll in the language classes please fill in the following form. Mandatory fields are marked with an *. Your request will be processed and once approved by your manager you will be contacted individually by JCL.


If you have any questions regarding language classes in your company (eligibility, specific rules etc.), please, read the RWS Language Program Procedure.

If you have any questions regarding course planning please contact us at

Cost Charging

All costs related to employee participation in the Language Program need to be covered by your department budget. Once your participation is approved, the approval is valid until the end of FY 2024 (September 30, 2024).

Recommended lesson intensity is a 60-minute lesson per week.

Basic cost:

60 minute lesson - $32
90 minute lesson - $48

Estimated cost calculation per person per year:

·       Individual 60-minute lesson per person per year is $32 x 52 weeks = $1,664 

·       The cost for a 60-minute group lesson is the same but split up between the number of people in a group. The average number of participants in a group is 4. Cost per person per year is $32 x 52 weeks = $1,664 / 4 employees = $416

·       Monthly Invoicing

By submitting this form, you agree to comply with the RWS Language Program procedure.

PROC06 - Language Courses Program.pdf

When you CANNOT attend lessons? 

Note: all the time slots correspond to the CET zone.