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  • Following registration (after clicking the SUBMIT button) you will be requested to complete an online language test. The test is divided into five parts, the time limit for each part is 20 minutes. You will not be able to save the answers, therefore please allow sufficient time for the test.
  • After completing the test, your request for registration will be automatically forwarded to your line manager for approval.
  • If you have any questions regarding the language courses please feel free to speak to the JCL Course Manager - Petra Krumlová , +420 771 265 733

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  • After clicking the "SEND" button below, you will be redirected to an online language test.
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  • The test is divided into five parts based on the complexity of questions.
  • In order to progress to the next part, it is necessary to obtain at least 70% of correct answers from the immediately preceding part.
  • The time limit for each part is 20 minutes.
  • Please mark one correct answer for each question.