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Registration for German courses

Thank you for being interested in the German language courses.

Important information:

  • The school year is divided into 3 trimesters starting in February, June and October (during the first week of each month)
  • The beginning of the upcoming trimester is scheduled for June 3rd, 2024
  • Each trimester consists of 30 lessons for the General group courses - with intensity of 2 lessons per week and 15 lessons for the Conversational group courses - with the intesity of 1 lesson per week.
  • Group courses focus mainly on improving student's level whereas Conversational courses focus mainly on keeping up your achieved level.
  • 1 lesson lasts 90 minutes for group courses
  • Only  group courses - Conversational or General - up to 8 students per each course
  • Every student can only attend 1 course at any time
  • Each trimester will be ended by a final test (a revision test based on the topics taught during the trimester)
  • Only students who attend at least 50% of the lessons in each trimester will be allowed to write the final test
  • Course attandence does NOT count into the working hours, and the time spent on the course can NOT be charged

The registration consists of 2 steps - the form below and the entrance test (via the link below). Both steps need to be completed (only complete beginners in German are excused and do NOT need to do the entrance test). 

Once you have filled in the registration form below, press “Send” and you will be notified about the successful completion on the following screen. 

Please, complete the entrance test via the information provided below.



Before starting your test, you will need to quickly register into the online application. Then choose the test from the language you wish to study and press Start. Your test must be done within 65 minutes otherwise it will close automatically. The time needed to complete the test depends on your language level, but it usually takes between 15-30 minutes. If the number of correct answers does not allow you to continue, the test will close and you will receive your results via email.



Login: ACCG

Pass: ACCG


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact either the deputy for JCL or your HR dept. - Yasir Equbal: