Accenture Language Academy

Language Academy registration

Thank you for being interested in participating in another year of the Language Academy with James Cook Languages. 

The registration is open until September 9th.


Important information:

  • The school year lasts from October until the end of July (no lessons in August and September)
    40 lessons (60 minutes each) - online only
  • Study individually - for a higher price - the course is adjusted to your personal needs and preferences as much as possible
  • Study in a group of 3-6 students - for a lower price - the needs and preferences are adjusted to incorporate all of the students
  • The registration process has 2 steps - the registration form below + the online test (both need to be completed)
  • Payment options of Sodexo and/or Invoice
  • The amount can be divided into 2 installments
  • Should you wish to study more than 1 language, the amount needs to be paid for each
  • Several days before your course/s start/s you will be contacted with all the necessary details

Once you have filled in the registration form below, press “Send” and you will be notified about the successful completion on the following screen. 

Please, complete the online test via the information provided below.

Please note that the online language test is mandatory. Once the registration form below is sent and your test is completed, your participation can not be revoked. 




Before starting your test, you will need to quickly register into the online application. Then choose the test from the language you wish to study and press Start. Your test must be done within 65 minutes otherwise it will close automatically. The time needed to complete the test depends on your language level, but it usually takes between 15-30 minutes. If the number of correct answers does not allow you to continue, the test will close and you will receive your results via email.



Login: Accenture

Pass: Accenture


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact either the deputy for JCL - Martin Beránek: or your HR dept. - Lucie Bucharová: 


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