Why teach for JCL?

We offer our teachers steady work, good teaching facilities, excellent care, continuous education and career growth opportunities in a leading company in the field of foreign language training.


we provide year-round employment with a sufficient number of courses, financial stability and a great base for the development of a teaching career.


we are a leader in the field of language training; we won the Prague round of the 2013 Vodafone Company of the Year contest and are a certified member of the Czech Association of Language Schools and Agencies.

Motivational assessment

teacher pay is influenced by the quality of work, their qualifications and the length and intensity of cooperation.


teachers are members of our team. They receive methodological support and we create good conditions for lesson planning.

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Recruitment and requirements

We recruit only qualified teachers with language teaching experience for our team. We verify that each candidate meets our qualification requirements, the most important of which include:

language training experience
excellent theoretical and practical knowledge of the language
university degree, language certificates
a positive and proactive approach, good communication skills
flexibility, reliability and loyalty

The selection process consists of two personal interviews, the second of which is a sample lesson with methodological analysis and subsequent feedback.

Current job offers


The Coach&Practise© method – an effective method developed by James Cook Languages. Developed on the basis of our experience with corporate language training. Includes efficient elements for rapid language improvement.

Our method

Corporate language training is a specific field, especially with respect to the frequency of training, motivation and the self-study options of participants. The Coach& Practise method takes these factors into account and is based on the principles of:



the lesson plan is a ”project” written on paper and which reflects the specific needs of the student. The teacher always explains the goals of the lesson and individual activities.

Coach Coach


the teacher is a coach who moderates the lesson, gets students involved and encourages them to discuss; students speak for 80% of the lesson; correcting errors is based on a three-level method.



thorough practice and memorisation of material directly during the lesson is supported by the continuity of study, repetition, the active involvement of students and motivation for self-study.

    Methodology training

    As we aim to have the best teachers, we invest in their further training.

    Upon joining us, all of our teachers undergo a compulsory set of seven training sessions to become familiarised with our Coach&Practise© method; native speakers also undergo cross cultural training. Teachers also have the opportunity each week to attend additional optional training workshops. Every year we organise about 80 workshops for further education in the field of foreign language teaching methods.

    Popular topics include:

    • How to motivate students
    • Vocabulary development
    • Preparing for language exams
    • Games and fun activities in lessons
    • How to teach grammar
    Spokojení studenti

    Care for teachers

    Intensive care during their time with our company
    Methodological support
    Quality teaching facilities
    Teacher hierarchy for career growth opportunities

    The teacher hierarchy ensures that new teachers get support and help from their mentor (Senior Teacher).

    In this way, they receive regular specific feedback supporting methodological development. The mentor sits in on the junior teacher’s classes and they have methodological and organisational meetings and evaluation sessions to discuss feedback from students. They work together to create an Individual Development Plan and cooperate to fulfil the established goals.


    Our teachers have excellent facilities for the preparation of lessons.

    We have a fully equipped library with textbooks, magazines, newspapers, copiers, printers, computers and a Wi-Fi connection. We also loan audio players and tablets for lessons. We publish our internal magazine Logbook with information about JCL and methodological articles.

    Jsme nejlepší
    We also hold regular informal meetings and cultural and sporting activities for our teachers.


    „I have worked for James Cook for nearly six years.  Although I have always enjoyed my work, I know from my experience that enthusiasm for something is not enough. At James Cook I get great support from management and coordinators.  Now, as a Senior Teacher, I appreciate the speed of communication with the internal team as well as the desire to resolve everything to our mutual satisfaction.  Communication is very prompt and therefore effective. I have never had the feeling that I was annoying anyone with my questions. When I need to add new courses to fill out my schedule, I always have an offer on the table in a relatively short period of time. James Cook has an excellent system for maintaining and improving relations in the form of regular workshops and activities for teachers. All of this, along with the fact that colleagues and staff in the back office are happy to find a moment for a quick chat when we run into each other is the hallmark of great professionalism.”

    Reference Mirka Singerová - senior teacher

    „I joined the JCL crew in 2007 because right from the beginning it appealed to me the most from all the language schools and I have to admit that it did not disappoint me. On the contrary, the cooperation has exceeded my expectations in many respects over the years. I have always met only very friendly and open-minded people, whose consistently professional yet human approach to each individual I consider to be invaluable. All issues are always solved quickly and efficiently without any further ado. As a teacher I truly appreciate the possibility to improve my knowledge consistently in our system of workshops, as well as the chance to grow professionally and to cooperate on further projects within the team. As a Senior Teacher I consider the biggest asset of my job to be working closely with talented people and developing their talent.”

    Reference Jana Křístková - senior teacher

    „I have been working as a German teacher for „James Cook Languages“ since autumn 2011. From the very beginning what I liked about this language school was the relaxed work atmosphere in the offices. The people who work here are very friendly. I was always welcomed when I had questions to ask and felt integrated and accepted. I also appreciate the professional approach, for example the organisation of courses or the regular seminars for teachers. As a result of working for a cultural centre in Prague as well, I am able to choose the number of courses according to my time possibilities, which gives me a lot of flexibility. At JCL I have always found support in this context. Working for the language school has made me aware of the advantages of teaching adults (I am a trained teacher for secondary schools); I must say that they are a very grateful „audience“.”

    Reference Maria Glitzner - teacher

    „What I like about JCL is the fact, that it is a „learning company“, which wants not only to succeed on the unstable market of nowadays, but wants to be the best of all. Therefore JCL demands high quality from everybody who is working for the company. And even if it is „just“ a part-time teacher, she or he also gets methodological trainings and can develop. As an important part I see also the effort to reach satisfaction of everybody, not only of the customer, but also of the school and each participating teacher.”

    Reference Eva Flachowsky - senior teacher

    „I have worked at James Cook Languages for eight years. I joined JCL during my first year in the Faculty of Education at Charles University and became familiar with corporate training from a practical perspective. With hindsight, it is fair to say that the company gave me far more experience with teaching English and Russian than my university studies. Thanks to JCL, I have also learned a professional approach to work, and in addition to teaching students, I can now also train teachers. I love my work, and I am confident I chose the right “course” at the beginning of my career.”

    Reference Tatiana Blahetová - senior teacher

    „I have been working for James Cook Languages since 2006, and I can say that it was a good choice - so far I have always been happy with my relationship with the company. From the beginning I was especially impressed with the facilities for teachers - in the Resource Centre I felt like Alice in Wonderland; I always left workshops charged with new ideas, and even now fondly recall some of the teacher parties. But at the same time, I greatly appreciate the positive and professional approach of the entire team, which has always given me support when I needed some help. And not only that - I have had many opportunities for personal development, whether it involved testing new students, teaching intensive courses, helping with the preparation of teaching materials or participation in other projects. Now as a Senior Teacher, I hope that I can continue the tradition and provide positive support for other teachers.”

    Reference Anna Wagnerová - senior teacher
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