Practise your Presentation Skills

B1 and above

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A course in which you can try out various parts of your presentation in practice to ensure that each step is professionally prepared.

  • Gain advanced vocabulary appropriate for each stage of your presentation.
  • Learn how to open and close your presentation.
  • Try out responding to your audience in English.
  • You will give a presentation and receive feedback on your skills.

Course content

  • Opening and closing a presentation
  • Asking questions, rhetorical questions and paraphrasing
  • Solving difficult situations when giving a presentation
  • Giving a presentation
  • Analysis of the participants’ presentations


All prices are per person, do not include VAT, and are valid when one client registers the set number of students for any course.

3 250 Kč
1 – 5 registered

2 275 Kč
6 – 15 registered

1 300 Kč
16 and more registered

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