Language Learning Tricks

B1 and above

Information über den Kurs

Do you want to stop wasting time and start learning effectively? Do you struggle with (and not only) language learning? We will show you how to learn effectively, save time, and make the most of each lesson.

  • This course is in the form of a workshop and is led by a mentor experienced in adult education.
  • You will explore methods for learning effectively.
  • You will learn how to create an education plan and how to work with a learning diary.
  • You will explore methods for solving communication blocks and dealing with mistakes.

Course content

  • Answering the question: What does it mean “to learn”?
  • Exploring the pillars of effective learning
  • Getting feedback and using a learning diary
  • Learning how to tackle blocks and mistakes


All prices are per person, do not include VAT, and are valid when one client registers the set number of students for any course.

3 250 Kč

1 - 5 registered students

2 275 Kč

6 - 15 registered students

1 300 Kč

16 and more registered students

Location - Prague:

James Cook Languages s.r.o. 
Na Florenci 2116/15 
110 00 Praha 1 
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