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Please fill in the form below to register yourself for the next wave of language courses. Mandatory fields are marked with a *.

Following registration you will be requested to complete an online language test that will help assess which language group will be appropriate for you. The test can take up to one hour, so please make sure you have enough time to fill it in.

If you have any question regarding the language courses please feel free to speak to the JCL Course Manager Pavlína Čapčuchová; +420 777 751 419.

The SAP Services´s language policy is available here.

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Please provide information below regarding the course you would like to enroll in. 

Time preferences

Please note that whilst we will endeavor to meet personal preferences this cannot be guaranteed

In exceptional cases, the course could take place outside the standard/offered timeslots. If you have such a preference, please fill up XY & send us your manager’s approval via email.

Which skills would you like to focus on during your classes?

Please note that this will help guide the language teacher in supporting the classes, whilst we will endeavor to meet personal preferences this cannot be guaranteed. 

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