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JCL Teacher of the Year Party

jamescook 08:46 6.9.2017
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On a day when the city provided us with a first feeling of the gray and the cold that Prague’s autumn is capable of, there was a place which defied the elements, a small iron island of warmth and splendor.

To be honest, it was still a bit cold outside, but it didn’t matter, we had a purpose much more powerful than any chilling wind could muster. The purpose was a celebration, and the occasion was an appreciation for the dedicated hard work of our teachers and the acknowledgment of a few of them for going beyond the call of their teaching duty. And celebrate we did!

A warmly welcoming reception by our course coordinators was followed by some time to enjoy the food and drinks on offer. Once, armed with some food and a drink (or two), we had a chance to mingle and catch up with some familiar faces and get acquainted with a few new ones – one of the best things about this party, you always leave with a few new friends.

Soon it was time for entertainment. This year we were to be serenaded by the Piccolo coro & Piccola orchestra and serenaded we were. This was a change from the usual activities at these evenings but judging by the request for an encore from the crowd, it was received with great relish. After a grand finish by the performers, we got back to socializing, soon to be followed by the main event.

Once a year we come together to acknowledge and appreciate those who stood out among us in the past year. We have a total of five categories, starting with Top 2 Newbies of the Year, Top 5 Czech Teachers, Top 5 Native Teachers, Top 3 Senior Teachers, and our Top Regional Teacher. Each was bestowed with a certificate and a prize voucher which was in individually picked for each of them.

Each winner was announced and to a raucous applause was invited to the stage to receive their prize. Some winners, encouraged by the crowd, gave a short thank-you speech while some resisted the peer pressure and darted back to their drinks somewhere in the crowd. Once the final winner was announced, and a final thank you from our co-owner Ondřej was said, the crowd was released to enjoy the party. Another party, another success, Christmas party is up next!

Big thanks to all our teachers who are doing a really great job! 

Here is the list of the winners:TOY výherci

If you would like to compete next year, the easiest way is to start teaching for us! Just send your CV and find more information at nabor.jcl.cz/en/ >>

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