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Lída Holá, an influential author

jamescook 09:09 4.11.2016
Lída Holá in JCL

On October 7th, Lída Holá, an influential author of several frequently used course books of Czech for foreigners, paid JCL a friendly visit. She used the opportunity to introduce her new book Česky krok za krokem 1 (and 2), a reworked and expanded new edition of New Czech Step by Step.


The book has just reached bookstores and as Lída explained, the title is just one of many changes and improvements the book had undergone. Having listened to the concerns of teachers, the authors (Lída Holá and Pavla Bořilová) succeeded in making the book noticeably lighter than the previous editions. Apart from that, the accompanying illustrations and the graphics might not seem so innovative as before, since this time the authors turned towards a more traditional style. The people in photographs, representing the course book characters, and the names of the characters as well as their nationalities have also changed. Perhaps the most revolutionary is the authors’ decision to introduce a new concept of declination, where the models are divided into three groups and then used in model sentences. As Lída pointed out, the book’s methodology draws from the communicative approach. As a result, Česky krok za krokem is a topic based course book, which however does not leave the grammar aspects of Czech completely aside. The author provided many more details about the book and mentioned also the difficulties of publishing a course book of Czech at the domestic market. At the end she willingly and openly answered some questions from the side of teachers and then bid us adieu and continued on her book promoting tour.


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